April 10, 2015

Biorb Intelligent Light

Biorb Intelligent LightThe BiOrb intelligent light really is a fantastic piece of creative innovation. It is unlike any other fish tank lighting device out there. Available for all the BiOrb range of tanks at around £50 it is an incredibly good buy.

The intelligent light was created to simulate a natural light cycle for your fish. Your average fish tank strip or bulb light can only create unnatural light. An inbuilt timer phases light through a twenty four period from daylight to moonlight and back again. Through the day the light is white showing off your fish’s natural beauty and at night it is a moonlight blue. This blue totally changes the look of your fish and tank creating a stunning hue. Your fish will love this new change to their environment.

Set up is simple being simply plug in and go, and with its low voltage (12) it is economical to run costing just pence per day. LED long life bulbs also ensure low running costs and long last lights for your fish tank.

On top of the beauty of a natural light cycle the intelligent light has some other great benefits. The fish in your tank will be a lot happier and healthier as they will believe they are in a natural environment. You can leave the light on 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even when you go on holiday. As strange as this will sound your fish’s daily routine will never be affected.

It does need to be noted that this light does not come with a transformer, so you will have to buy one separately. Even with this extra expense though the BiOrb intelligent light is one of the best with great support online and easy to replace parts if needed.

biOrb Standard LED Light Accessory Pack, Large(Packaging may vary)
  • Durable LED light unit
  • With simple on/off switch
  • Suitable for biorb CLASSIC 30 and 60 aquariums
  • Part number: L5000

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