April 10, 2015

300 Litre Fish Tank

Costing around £600 upwards a 300 litre fish tank kit (including heater, lighting and pump) is not a cheap option.

Nor is it probably suitable for a beginner in keeping an aquarium. It is however a vast space for you to display a beautiful array of fish, approximately the rule of thumb is 60 tropical or 30 cold water at 5cm fully grown.

The fish you choose will then want places to hide and swim through that are preferably as close to their natural habitat as possible. If you want to give them this then a 300 litre tank is a good place to do it.

You don’t need to buy rocks or wood for your tank, besides they are rarely sold big enough for a tank of this magnitude. Instead go out and find large, crazily shaped chunks of driftwood and rock and place them in your tank as randomly, nature is random after all, as possible.

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Recommended rocks and wood are: limestone, slate, texas holey rock, pumice, lava rock, quartz, petrified wood, lace rock, sandstone, driftwood, bogwood and mopani wood.

Benefits aside from the aesthetics of natural rock and wood are that some fish eat algae off rocks and wood. Providing a source for this will not only give your fish a healthy diet that is natural, but will encourage them to behave instinctively.

Rocks and wood also help eradicate ammonia and nitrates from your 300 litre fish tank, both of these are toxic to fish.

Taking on the task of buying, setting up, filling and maintaining a 300 Litre Fish Tank may seem like a daunting task for most people but thanks to the internet its rather easy.

Many websites and youtube videos can help walk you through the process and we highly recommend you take the time to do so as the cost of buying everything will add up.

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