April 10, 2015

30 Litre Fish Tank

30 Litre Fish TankWhether you are looking for a child’s first fish tank or just an easy to maintain tank for yourself the 30 litre fish tank is a good option. It only has the capacity for five cold water fish but choose the right fish and it could be stunning. It is also a good number of fish for easy maintenance. If you think this would be too small then perhaps the bigger Aqua One Fish Tanks would suit your needs.

When setting up the tank you will need lighting, a filtration system, gravel, plants and ornaments. Lighting should be 1-2 watts per litre of water equating to 30 watts of lighting. Plants are better live as they provide oxygen to the tank whilst removing harmful elements. Children though may prefer the vibrant and bright colours of the fake plants and if so perhaps you could mix the two together, the best of both worlds so to speak. Ornament wise there are plenty of options out there especially for children who will love to pick from the themes. Football, shipwrecks, unicorns, princesses, cricket; there are plenty of options out there.

Some fish suggestions are goldfish of which there are plenty of varieties out there. They can be messy eaters though and will require a 10 percent water change and clean every week. Blood fin Tetras with their silver bodies and red fins are also another good choice that can live up to ten years. These fish like to live in groups and are extremely active. There are also some barbs, guppies, Tetras and loaches that would be suitable too. It is advisable to have a bottom feeder also to clean the bottom of the tank. Why not try snails or shrimp!

If you believe a 30 litre fish tank may be too big for your child or your space in your home then we recommend starting with a smaller tank. The benefit of these small tanks are price, maintenance and of course not having to carry a heavy awkward glass tank around your home!

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