April 10, 2015

200 Litre Fish Tank

 200 Litre Fish TankThe average 200 litre fish tank measures around six square feet making it an ideal home for marine fish and all that can go with a tank of this type. Its capacity means that you can have around eighteen fish based on 3 inch of fish per litre of tank. That is assuming the fish you choose are of 3 inch length at adulthood. You will need to adjust the amount if you choose fish of a larger or smaller size.

There are various fish suitable in the three-inch at adult range such as: Clownfish, Blenny’s, fire fish, hawk fish, dotty backs, damsel fish, Wrasse and goby’s. You could also add marine invertebrates like brittle sea stars, Bumble bee snails, crabs, feather dusters, coral shrimp and fire shrimp. Your 200 litre tank could be a real plethora of marine life.

Marine tanks do need live rock and it is recommended that you do not set up a tank of this kind without them. They are not cheap ranging from £35 to £115 but they are beautiful and provide a natural source of filtration. Available in a few varieties and colours such as green, purple, red and yellow they are a vibrant way of decorating your tank whilst maintaining its health.

You may also choose to add live corals but be aware that you need to recreate natural conditions for them to live. Many supplements are available to do this. Coral varieties include: candy caps, polyps, sea fans and mushrooms.

Owning a 200 Litre fish tank is not recommend for beginners, not only do they require a lot of set up time, they need constant monitoring and maintenance to keep your fish in prime health. Thankfully the internet has a large community of aquarium owners so getting advice on owning and running your own 200 litre tank can be made a lot easier.

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