April 10, 2015

125 Litre Fish Tank

125 Litre TankIf you choose to set up a 125 litre fish tank as a marine environment there are certain things that are imperative to its success. One of them is live coral without which your marine aquarium may not survive. The reason that they are so important is that you need to recreate natural conditions of the ocean in a marine tank.

As salt water and coral do not make for entirely natural conditions of the ocean you will need to place some additives in the tank that will provide a constant source of vital nutrients to your corals. Many supplements are available; just pick the one that best suits the type of coral you have in your tank.

If you are a beginner at keeping a marine tank you will be best picking corals for your level of experience. These include: red candy cap coral, lemon tree, blue ridge, lavender mushroom, button polyp and colony polyp.

For advanced marine fish keepers you could choose nano corals, hard corals, mushroom corals, soft corals, polyps and sea fans.

Placement of live coral is important as they can be sharp and can injure the fish in your tank. Be careful of your placement and be prepared to move your coral if necessary. There are a few very popular 125 litre fish tank models which we have listed below, these tanks have a large following online and great after support so there is no need to worry about being left in the dark if you run into difficulties.

The 125 litre fish tank range is a great size to have, looking online it seems to be one of the most popular sizes for homes in the UK.  Stocking a 125 litre aquarium will give you a lot of options, a nice mixture would possibly be some asian fish such as the sparkling gourami, pearl gourami maybe a few chilli rasbora's.

Too big? Take a look at the Aqua One Fish Tanks.

Interpet Fish Pod Glass Aquarium Fish Tank, 120 L
  • Complete aquarium for cold water and upgradable for tropical fish
  • Curved glass gives panoramic view
  • Easy care filtration system built in neatly under the hood
  • Comes complete with bioactive tapsafe for quick and easy start up
  • Built in easy adjust thermostat keeps water temperature stable

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