Juwel Vision 180

Juwel Vision 180As suggested by the title of this tank the Juwel Vision 180 gives you a great view of your fish, décor and plant life of your tank. Made in Germany and designed to give a new perspective, the Juwel Vision 180 has a curved front panel creating seamless viewing of your tank.

Available in three sizes, the 180, 260 and 450 and four colours they are probably a tank for a fish keeper with some experience in maintaining the health and happiness of a good variety of fish. The number in their titles refer to the litre capacity of the tank.

The Juwel Vision 180 comes complete with a Bio flow filter m, an aqua heat 200 watt heater and the Hi lite 2 x 35 watt lighting unit. It has everything you need for the cold water, the tropical and the marine tank set up. Everything required to get your new aquarium up and running.

Matching cabinets are also available for all the Vision tanks and they come in the same four colours as the tank, balk, white, beech and dark wood. They are a two door, two shelf unit providing plenty of space for all your fish keeping paraphernalia. Weighing 30kg when empty it will be a heavy tank when full making the cabinet pretty much an essential to bear the weight so we recommend planning its where you want to keep it carefully.

The Juwel Vision 180 is priced at around £160 and will hold approximately 60 tropical or 30 cold water fish at an adult length of 3cm. It may seem a little pricey for a tank of this size and capacity but the seamless view it provides is well worth the extra cost. When it comes to buying juewel tanks you are essentially paying for the quality of the craftsmen ship.