Juwel Rio 400

Juwel Rio 400The Rio collection are crafted in Germany to a timeless design with perfected technology and meticulous workmanship. They are available in 125, 180, 240, 350 and 450 litre capacity. The Juwel Rio 400 is the big daddy of the collection.

It is supplied with the Bio filter XL filtration system, the Aqua heat 300 heater and a double lighting unit. Everything you need to get your tank up and running.

The tank is available in black, white, beech and dark wood. Coordinating two door with middle shelving unit cabinets are available in all colours except white. At 151cm (l) x 51cm (d) x 66cm (h), weighing 86kg when empty and having a 450 litre capacity.

At 450 litres the Juwel Rio 400 has the capacity for 150 tropical fish or 75 cold water fish based on adult fish of 3cm’s. If you wish to have a marine tank the rule is 3 inch of fish per square foot of tank.

At around £450 for the tank alone this is no cheap option but it is an absolutely fantastic investment for those serious about fish keeping. Imagine the fantastic marine display you could have in a tank such as this! Live coral, rocks, marine invertebrates and larger fish even including sharks.

Or you could create a tropical heaven with bright coloured plants, floating rocks, caves, brightly coloured Guppies, Clownfish, Tetras and bottom feeding shrimp, snails and catfish.

The truth is whatever you choose to fill your Juwel Rio 400 with, be it tropical, marine or cold water fish you are going to have a tank ALL your fish keeping friends will envy. This tank has a large following online with many posts and information about what kind of stock works best in such a large aquarium. Check out the video below to see the youtube users Juwel rio 400 fish tank in action!