Juwel Rio 125

Juwel Rio 125The Juwel Rio 125 is the smallest in the Rio collection. Measuring 81cm (L) x 36cm (D) x 50cm (H) and weighing 23kg when empty it is petite but still fitting of its timeless design description. Crafted in Germany it is a piece of meticulous workmanship with perfected technology.

The aquarium has a 125 litre capacity and is capable of holding around 41 tropical fish or 20 cold water fish based on fish that are 3 cm in length when adult. Some would say it is not really a big enough tank to hold marine fish and all the essentials they require. But if you choose to give it a whirl, the standard 3 inch of fish to every square foot of tank rule applicable to marine fish will apply.

The tank itself is available in four different colours, black, white, beech and dark wood. Matching single door cabinets are also available in all four colours. Other sizes of the Rio collection tanks are 180, 240, 350 and 450 litres. All cabinets are very well built and look great.

The tank will cost you around £300 but is supplied with the Bioflow filter m filtration system, the Aqua heat 100 heater and the Hi Lite double lighting unit. You can also get an automatic feeder for this tank for around £20 which is a must have for any fish keeper planning on going on holiday.

All in all this is a mid-size, mid-price high quality tank that will be the envy of many of your friends and a great home for whichever type of fish you choose to keep in it. Thanks to the companies large following you will find a great deal of support online should you need any help setting up your new tank. There is also a large youtube community who are constantly sharing their tips and advice for the Rio 125 tank.