Juwel Fish Tanks

Juwel Fish TanksThe Juwel Fish Tanks are a range of aquariums crafted in Germany to the highest standards and stunning design. Available in six different styles all unique to themselves there is sure to be a tank to suit everyone. Juwel Fish Tanks have a large following all around europe thanks to their famous german engineering. They have a tank that can suit everyone and genreally come with everything needed to get started. Another reason why they are highly regarded within the fish keeper community.

Juwel Vio – Available in black and white this 30 litre one off tank is most suited to the absolute beginner.

Juwel Korall – Only available in black this is a 54 litre beginners tank with stand.

Juwel Rio – Created to a timeless design the 125, 180 and 240 all have the litre water capacities in their numerical titles. The 300 and the 400 are 350 litres and 450 litres respectively. Check out our page here for more information about the Rio 180.

Juwel Vision – A curved front panel tank that accentuates optical depth and provides seamless viewing. They are available in the 180, 260 and 450 litre capacities.

Juwel Trigon – The space saving corner tank that is a real eye catcher is available in a 190 and 350 litre option.

Juwel Lido – Choose from the 120 and 200 litre tanks with a discreet and elegant design.

Juwel Rekord – Juwels range of starter tanks. The 600 is a 63 litre tank available in black and white. The 700, a 70 litre tank also in black and white. Only available in black is the 800, a 110 litre tank.

The fish capacities of these tanks are all different but can be worked out on the following basis:

1 cm of adult tropical fish per litre of water.

0.5 cm of adult cold water fish per litre of water.

3 inch of adult marine fish per square foot of tank.

If you are unsure about exactly how many fish you can keep in your tank then we would recommend “Aquarium Fish: A Definitive Guide to Identifiying and Keeping Freshwater and Marine Fishes” contacting your local fish store with the dimensions of your tank, they should be able to give solid information.