Juwel Corner Fish Tank

Juwel Corner Fish TankThere are only two tanks available in the Juwel corner fish tank range. The Trigon 190 which has a capacity of 190 litres and the 350 litre capacity Trigon 350. Costing approximately £600 and £1000 respectively they are clearly not an economy tank but they are worthy of the hefty price tag.

Finely crafted in Germany the Trigon range is space saving whilst giving the illusion of depth. They are available in black, white and beech wood and all have coordinating cabinets available. Ideal for storing all your fish keeping paraphernalia. Both tank and cabinet are built with a safety base frame ensuring stability. There is no need for special or additional support.

The Trigon 190 measures 98.5cm (L) x 70cm (D) x 60cm (H) and weighs 41.5kg empty. The Trigon 350 is 123cm (L) x 87cm (D) x 65cm (H) and weighs 69kg also empty. Fish capacity for the Trigon range is:

  • Trigon 190 – 63 tropical or 31 cold water. Based on 3cm as an adult.
  • Trigon 350 – 116 tropical or 58 cold water. Based on 3cm as an adult.
  • Trigon 190 and 350 – 3 inch of marine fish per square foot of tank.

Both tanks are supplied with the state of the art High Lite T5 tank lighting which provides brilliant luminosity and excellent plant growth. Filtration and heating is provided with the Bioflow 3.0 tank filter system and heater. Remember for tropical fish the heater should be somewhere between 20 – 30 degrees centigrade dependent on the species of fish.

The Juwel Corner fish tank range really are the best of the best and will look great in the corner of any room or office. They come with everything you need to get your aquarium up in no time. Owning a Trigon tank is not for beginners as its such a large tank, looking after a few hundred fish is no small feat and you will need to understand how to monitor and look after their health and handle any unexpected problems.

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