Holiday Feeding With The Juwel Automatic Feeder

Juwel Automatic Feeder

Need to feed your fish while away? Then read our Juwel Automatic Feeder review! Most people who keep fish will at some time or another have gone on holiday without leaving someone to ‘fish sit’. They will have faced the dilemma ‘will my fish be ok for a week or two without food’ or ‘if I put a fish food block in their tank will it last’. The answer to the first question, probably yes but do you want to take that risk? The second question, no probably not. The rate the block releases food is not controllable and likelihood is either your fish will over eat, or they’ll leave the food and your water quality will be affected. The solution, yes there is one and it’s the perfect one is to invest in the Juwel automatic fish feeder.

The Juwel automatic fish feeder is a great solution to your holiday time fish feeding problems. Holding up to sixty feeds it can be programmed to release food twice a day, six hours apart. That’s either thirty days of twice daily feeding or sixty days once daily feeding! Pellets are the best form of food to use in the Juwel automatic feeder. The amount of food dispensed can be adjusted.

Running on two Mignon AA batteries which are included, the Juwel automatic feeder is economical to run as well as extremely efficient. It can be used in any fish tank not just Juwel models. Using the right mounting support it can be fitted particularly simply and quickly. All Juwel tanks are already equipped for the easy assembly of this product.

What’s What

The fitting plate:

The Juwel Auto feeder will fit most aquariums with only a small amount of tweaking required. The fitting plate (as i call it, pictured below) needs to be fitted to the hood of your aquarium, to do this you will need to cut away a section of your current aquarium hood large enough to accommodate this new plate. Once fitted it will look like it was always meant to be there. The hinged flap allows you to feed your fish quickly and easily when the auto feeder is not fitted to your tank.


The Feeder:

The feeder its self does not need to be attached to your tank on a permanent basis. Once you have installed the fixing plate pictured above, your can quickly and easily add the feeder as and when needed (when your planning to be away from the home).


How It Works

Setting your feeder is really very simple.

  1. Activate the feeder by selecting the ON button. This will activate ONE feed per day, exactly 12 hours after switching it on.
  2. Click the SET button to activate the second feed of the day, which is 6 hours after the first feed.
  3. The M Button allows you to manually feed your fish as and when needed.

The Pros

  • A Fantastic solution to take care of your fish feeding while you are away from the home.
  • Compatible with most if not all aquariums.
  • Can be programmed for up to two feeding cycles per day.
  • Provides up to 60 feeds.

Where To Buy The Juwel Automatic Feeder?

Local fish stores, amazon, ebay or even craigslist!

Alternative feeding methods:

Fish Food Block

Fish Food BlockIf the Juwel automatic feeder is not for you then its good to know there are other options out there. Fish food blocks are a cheaper solution which can be bought from most pet shops and Super markets at a fraction of the cost of mechanical feeders.

The food blocks come in various sizes and shapes but all work in a similar way. The outer shell slowly dissolves in the aquarium water exposing food for your fish to eat. You need to ensure you buy the correct block that will provide enough food for the number of fish in your tank and cover the number of days that you are away.

Fish Sitters:

The ideal solution would be to have someone pop in to feed your fish on a daily basis, This not only allows your fish to be fed the correct amount at the times you prefer but also allows them to physically check on the overall health of the tank.