Biorb Stand

BiOrb Stand BlackFor every BiOrb tank there is a stylish looking biOrb stand which will blend in to any home or office space no matter what type of flooring you have.

The stands are flat pack and are very easy to assemble.

Browse through the range of biOrb stands below.

There are three different BiOrb stands available for all the fish tank collections except Halo and Life.

BiOrb Stand

The most basic stand in the range is the BiOrb stand. Made up of two circular platforms bottom and top with a plinth of wood supporting the weight, this stand is 58.6cm high. It is made of water resistant materials and comes in silver or black. Suitable for the BiOrb 30, 60, BiUbe and baby it is priced at around £60. This stand comes as an easily assembled flat pack and weighs 5kg.

BiOrb Acrylic Aquarium stand

The BiOrb acrylic stand is suitable for the 30, 40, 60 and BiUbe aquariums. It is made from acrylic and available in both silver and black. Standing 73cm tall it is made up of three round platforms: top, middle and bottom in clear acrylic. Down the centre is a tube of either black or silver depending on your chosen colour. This tube serves to provide concealed cable routing. With an ultra strong construction this stand can hold up 120kg and weighs just 6kg. Construction is quick and simple and the cost, around £90.

BiOrb 105 Stand

For the ultimate tank you need the ultimate stand and this is it. Available in either piano black or silver it is made of ultra strong water resistant materials. Standing at only 47cm’s it is the smallest of the BiOrb stands, but since the BiOrb 105 is so tall it doesn’t need to be any higher. Made of two circular platforms with a column in between it is both stylish and imposing. There is no assembly required and it costs around £180.