Biorb Life 60

BiOrb Life 60The BiOrb Life 60 is one of four tanks available in the Life collection. Although they are not the cheapest of tanks for their size, they are certainly stylish and modern. They are constructed from acrylic which is much stronger than glass. The gloss colored acrylic wrap which surrounds the tank is available in piano black, ice white and chili red.

Holding 60 litres of water they weigh in at 13kg empty, 65kg full and can hold approximately 20 tropical or 10 cold water fish. This is based on each adult fish being 3cm long. BiOrb also advertise this as a good beginners marine tank, but based on the 3 inch of marine fish per square foot of tank, it would seem a little on the small side.

This tank comes complete with: tank, ceramic media, intelligent LED light, filter cartridge, air stone, 12V transformer, air pump, water conditioner, fish food, beneficial bacteria liquid, filtration system and full instructions. Everything you need to get your fish tank up and running.

The patented filtration system and the intelligent light are two of the most exciting things about this range of BiOrb tank. The filtration system which works through the distinctive central air tube is unique in that it circulates 100% of the water in the tank. It also performs biological, chemical and mechanical filtration. The intelligent light simulates a natural light cycle for your fish over twenty four hours.

All in all the BiOrb Life 60 may not be the cheapest of tanks but it is one of the most high tech and chic on the market. Gone are the days of plain, fish bowl style tanks, now people want something that will compliment their living space but also be a great environment that their fish will love to live in.