Biorb Fish Tanks

BiOrb AquariumsBiOrb fish tanks look awesome and will brighten up your room no matter if that is in your home or office. They are designed with one thing in mind! Style! and will make a fantastic centre piece together with offering a fantastic environment for your fish

The design is awesome and will fit in any home no matter what your decor.
The Prices are similar to the design “Awesome”. Buying a BiOrb certainly wont break the bank! Although they stand out and are a stylish piece of kit, they are pretty cheap when compared to similar size tanks.

BiOrbs come with everything you need to start an aquarium and are an ideal for first time fish keepers for both cold and tropical fish. There is also a large range of accessories that can be bought too including cleaning pads, air pumps, plants and stones.

Below is a range of the BiOrb fish tanks that are available to purchase.

BiOrb Fish Tanks

There are five collections of fish tanks in the BiOrb range. Starting at around £80 for the classic baby 15 litre they are not the cheapest option but they certainly are attractive and distinctive.

The Halo Collection

Available in a 30 and 60 litre capacity the Halo tanks are visually pleasing with their hidden waterline and seamless appearance. The 30 litre costs around £140 and the 60 litre £220.

The Flow Collection

There are only two tanks in this collection at present. A modern rectangular crystal clear tank with a choice of black or white three sided acrylic wrap, they are available in either 15 or 30 litres. Priced at around £105 and £160 they are a good choice for those with limited space but wanting style.

The BiUbe Collection

The BiUbe and the BiUbe Pure are both cylindrical tanks which Biubesurprisingly at 35 litres take up very little space. The original is available in both silver and black whilst the Pure comes as standard. Both have the option of crystal clear or blue tint tank.

The Life Collection

BiOrb Life 30The Biorb life are a crystal clear tank with acrylic wraparound available in a choice of three colours. Starting at £120 for the 15 litre they are likely the most expensive collection in the BiOrb range. They are also undoubtedly the most fitting for a modern living look in your home. They come in 15, 30, 45 and 60 litre capacity and are available in chilli red, piano black and ice white. The 30 litre costs around £200, the 45 £230 and the 60 £260.


The Classic Collection

The original and earliest member of the BiOrb collection, the BiOrb ClassicClassic orb like tank is now available in four capacities. The baby (15L) at around £66, the 30 at around £82, the 60 at around £160 and the magnificent 105 litre at £300.

All the BiOrb tanks come as cold water and will need either the heater kit or intelligent heater adding to them to make them tropical. You may also wish to add the intelligent light system which provides simulated natural light to your tank and fish. Stands are also available but only for the BiOrb Classic collection.