Biorb 30

BiOrb 30The BiOrb 30 is an ideal starter tank for children and adults alike. The very first of the BiOrb collection its ‘goldfish bowl’ looks appeal to children, whilst its modern twist for modern living appeal will attract the adults.

Based on its 30 litre capacity the tank could hold 10 tropical or 5 cold water fish based on a 3cm adult length. Probably the right amount for any child or beginner!

Measuring 40×42 cm’s and weighing 4.8kg (when empty) the BiOrb 30 is ideal for saving space too. You could pop it in any space in the bedroom, kitchen or lounge without overcrowding or worrying whether the weight is too much for the surface. There are stands available though if you choose to go down that route.

The tank itself is made of tough acrylic and comes complete with a 12V LED light, air stone, ceramic media, filter cartridge, 12V transformer, air pump, fish food (cold water), beneficial bacteria liquid, water conditioner and full instructions.

The only things not included are substrate (gravel), ornaments, plants (live / fake), heater and a fish net. All BiOrb tanks are sold as cold water tanks but they can easily be changed into tropical ones.

When choosing a heater for your BiOrb it is recommended you buy their own brand. There are two available, the intelligent heater and the tropical heater kit. The latter is probably more suitable for the BiOrb 30 and even comes with tropical fish food.

Biorb are a well known, trusted brad in the fish world of a great deal of useful information and guides already available on the internet. Most fish enthusiasts have had at some point owned a product made by them so you will find a lot of praise and support within the community.