Biorb 105

BiOrb 105The BiOrb 105 is a stylish all in one aquarium kit that is easy to set up and maintain. With their distinctive traditional ‘goldfish bowl’ appeal mixed in with a modern living twist they have fast become the tank of choice for many people.

As the most recent addition to the BiOrb family the 105 as in its title is a 105 litre tank that is available in black or silver and costs around £300. Weighing 11kg when empty it is not exactly a light weight tank and it is advisable to buy the matching stands which are available.

The biorb 105 is described as suitable for tropical, cold water and excitingly a beginners’ marine tank. As a tropical tank the 105 could hold up to 35 fish and as a cold water up to 17. This is based on a 3cm adult length. For marine fish the calculation is 3 inch of fish per square foot but there are other considerations and you would be better talking to a specialist before stocking your tank with fish.

The 105 comes complete with a low voltage (12V) LED intelligent light which replicates natural daylight with gradual sunrise and sunset. After sunset the light will gradually fade to a blue moonlight which will display your fish and tank in a completely different way.

A multi stage filtration system with water optimisers and mechanical and chemical filtration gives the fish ultimate water conditions and keeps maintenance lower. If you need help understanding setting up the best filtration for your aquarium then please check out this handy guide which will guide you in setting up a healthy, vibrant fish tank.

The BiOrb 105 however does not come with a heater and you will need to purchase one separately. It is recommended you choose one of the BiOrb heaters available.

biOrb Classic Aquarium, 61 x 63 cm, 105 Liter, Silver, Intelligent 24hr LED Light
  • Stylish 'all in one' aquarium kit
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Includes low voltage 12v led light
  • 12 month manufacturer guarantee
  • Includes 24hr intelligent led light as standard

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