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garden pond

Garden Pond Guide

Is that aqua one fish tank in your kitchen too small? Fancy something more challenging and rewarding? Garden ponds are an attractive feature that with a little thought and planning

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Treating Goldfish Diseases

Fish such as goldfish can suffer from various diseases such as fin rot, swim bladder disease, fish fungus and fish lice. We will not cover all disease just the most

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How Long Do Goldfish Live For?

What Is the Lifespan of Goldfish?   Many people erroneously believe that goldfish have relatively short lifespans. This belief comes from the fact that many are won as prizes at the

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Fish Tank Buyers Guide

Are you looking to buy your first fish tank or even upgrade from the one you currently have but are stuck and unsure of what to buy? On this page we

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Dealing with Pond Algae

How to Eliminate Pond Algae Pond alga is one of the most common issues people deal with when maintaining their man made pond and the main reason many stick to

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