March 15, 2020

Juwel Fish Tanks

Juwel Fish aquariums

The Juwel Fish Tanks are a range of aquariums crafted in Germany to the highest standards and stunning design.

Available in six different styles all unique to themselves there is sure to be a tank to suit everyone. Juwel Fish Tanks have a large following all around europe thanks to their famous german engineering.

They have a tank that can suit everyone and generally come with everything needed to get started. Another reason why they are highly regarded within the fish keeper community.

Juwel Rio 125

juwel rio 125 fish tank

The Juwel Rio 125 is the smallest in the Rio collection. Measuring 81cm (L) x 36cm (D) x 50cm (H) and weighing 23kg when empty it is petite but still fitting of its timeless design description. Crafted in Germany it is a piece of meticulous workmanship with perfected technology.

The juwel rio 125 has (as you've probably guessed) a 125 litre capacity and is capable of holding around 41 tropical fish or 20 cold water fish based on fish that are 3 cm in length when adult. Some would say it is not really a big enough tank to hold marine fish and all the essentials they require. But if you choose to give it a whirl, the standard 3 inch of fish to every square foot of tank rule applicable to marine fish will apply.

The tank itself is available in four different colours, black, white, beech and dark wood. Matching single door cabinets are also available in all four colours. Other sizes of the Rio collection tanks are 180, 240, 350 and 450 litres. All cabinets are very well built and look great.

The juwel rio 125 is supplied with the Bioflow filter m filtration system, the Aqua heat 100 heater and the Hi Lite double lighting unit. You can also get an automatic feeder for this tank which is a must have for any fish keeper planning on going on holiday.

All in all this is a mid-size, mid-price high quality tank that will be the envy of many of your friends and a great home for whichever type of fish you choose to keep in it.

Thanks to the companies large following you will find a great deal of support online should you need any help setting up your new tank.

There is also a large youtube community who are constantly sharing their tips and advice for the Rio 125 tank.

Juwel Aquarium 01350 Rio 125 LED
  • Item Trademark: JUWEL AQUARIUM
  • Item Trademark: JUWEL AQUARIUM
  • material: Wood

Juwel Rio 180

juwel rio 180 fish tank

The Juwel Rio 180 is just one of the tank sizes available in this beautiful range of fish tanks. Made in Germany and crafted to a stunning timeless design the 180 is the 180 litre option. The other options available are the 125, 240, 300, 350 and 400. All the tanks hold the equivalent litres of water to the number in their titles, except the 300 and 400. These are 350 litre and 400 litre respective which is a fair size so we would recommend you have some experience in looking after fish both cold and tropical.

The Juwel Rio 180 is available in a choice of the usual four colours and these are black, white, beech and dark wood. A matching cabinet is also available for all four colours which we recommend buying due to the weight of the tank when fully stocked.

Measuring 151cm (L) x 51cm (W) x 66cm (D) the Juwel Rio 180 is a good sized tank with nice dimensions. It weighs 86kg when empty so whilst no lightweight should be easy enough for two to place in position before filling.

This tank includes the Bio 3.0 filter system and heater and the Juwel high-lite T5 lighting system providing brilliant luminosity that encourages plant growth.

With everything that is included this tank is all ready-to-go as a tropical, cold water or marine tank. The Juwel Rio 180 has the capacity for approximately 60 tropical fish and 30 cold water fish at an adult length of 3cm. Marine fish capacity would be 3 inch of fish for every square foot of tank.

With its dimensions, capacity and the ability to hold 30 cold water or 60 tropical this tank would make an excellent tank for an intermediary fish keeper. It could also be the ideal place to grow a good variety of natural plant life for your fish with its T5 lighting system and fantastic filtration system.

Juwel Aquarien Rio 180 Aquarium 180 Litres
  • Rio 180
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 101 x 41 x 51 cm
  • Includes Mechanism
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Made in Germany

Juwel Rio 400

juwel rio 400 fish tank

It is supplied with the Bio filter XL filtration system, the Aqua heat 300 heater and a double lighting unit. Everything you need to get your tank up and running.

The tank is available in black, white, beech and dark wood. Coordinating two door with middle shelving unit cabinets are available in all colours except white. At 151cm (l) x 51cm (d) x 66cm (h), weighing 86kg when empty and having a 450 litre capacity.

At 450 litres the Juwel Rio 400 has the capacity for 150 tropical fish or 75 cold water fish based on adult fish of 3cm’s. If you wish to have a marine tank the rule is 3 inch of fish per square foot of tank.

At around £450 for the tank alone this is no cheap option but it is an absolutely fantastic investment for those serious about fish keeping. Imagine the fantastic marine display you could have in a tank such as this! Live coral, rocks, marine invertebrates and larger fish even including sharks.

Or you could create a tropical heaven with bright coloured plants, floating rocks, caves, brightly coloured Guppies, Clownfish, Tetras and bottom feeding shrimp, snails and catfish.

The truth is whatever you choose to fill your Juwel Rio 400 with, be it tropical, marine or cold water fish you are going to have a tank ALL your fish keeping friends will envy. This tank has a large following online with many posts and information about what kind of stock works best in such a large aquarium. Check out the video below to see the youtube users Juwel rio 400 fish tank in action!

Juwel Vision 180

juwel vision 180 fish tank

As suggested by the title of this tank the Juwel Vision 180 gives you a great view of your fish, décor and plant life of your tank. Made in Germany and designed to give a new perspective, the Juwel Vision 180 has a curved front panel creating seamless viewing of your tank.

Available in three sizes, the 180, 260 and 450 and four colours they are probably a tank for a fish keeper with some experience in maintaining the health and happiness of a good variety of fish. The number in their titles refer to the litre capacity of the tank.

The Juwel Vision 180 comes complete with a Bio flow filter m, an aqua heat 200 watt heater and the Hi lite 2 x 35 watt lighting unit. It has everything you need for the cold water, the tropical and the marine tank set up. Everything required to get your new aquarium up and running.

Matching cabinets are also available for all the Vision tanks and they come in the same four colours as the tank, balk, white, beech and dark wood. They are a two door, two shelf unit providing plenty of space for all your fish keeping paraphernalia. Weighing 30kg when empty it will be a heavy tank when full making the cabinet pretty much an essential to bear the weight so we recommend planning its where you want to keep it carefully.

The Juwel Vision 180 is priced at around £160 and will hold approximately 60 tropical or 30 cold water fish at an adult length of 3cm. It may seem a little pricey for a tank of this size and capacity but the seamless view it provides is well worth the extra cost. When it comes to buying juewel tanks you are essentially paying for the quality of the craftsmen ship.

Juwel Trigon Rangejuwel Trigon fish tank


There are only two tanks available in the Juwel corner fish tank range. The Trigon 190 which has a capacity of 190 litres and the 350 litre capacity Trigon 350. Costing approximately £600 and £1000 respectively they are clearly not an economy tank but they are worthy of the hefty price tag.

Finely crafted in Germany the Trigon range is space saving whilst giving the illusion of depth. They are available in black, white and beech wood and all have coordinating cabinets available. Ideal for storing all your fish keeping paraphernalia. Both tank and cabinet are built with a safety base frame ensuring stability. There is no need for special or additional support.

The Trigon 190 measures 98.5cm (L) x 70cm (D) x 60cm (H) and weighs 41.5kg empty. The Trigon 350 is 123cm (L) x 87cm (D) x 65cm (H) and weighs 69kg also empty. Fish capacity for the Trigon range is:

  • Trigon 190 – 63 tropical or 31 cold water. Based on 3cm as an adult.
  • Trigon 350 – 116 tropical or 58 cold water. Based on 3cm as an adult.
  • Trigon 190 and 350 – 3 inch of marine fish per square foot of tank.

Both tanks are supplied with the state of the art High Lite T5 tank lighting which provides brilliant luminosity and excellent plant growth. Filtration and heating is provided with the Bioflow 3.0 tank filter system and heater. Remember for tropical fish the heater should be somewhere between 20 – 30 degrees centigrade dependent on the species of fish.

The Juwel Corner fish tank range really are the best of the best and will look great in the corner of any room or office. They come with everything you need to get your aquarium up in no time. Owning a Trigon tank is not for beginners as its such a large tank, looking after a few hundred fish is no small feat and you will need to understand how to monitor and look after their health and handle any unexpected problems.


The Juwel Automatic Feeder


Juwel Automatic Feeder

Need to feed your fish while away? Then read our Juwel Automatic Feeder review! Most people who keep fish will at some time or another have gone on holiday without leaving someone to ‘fish sit’.

They will have faced the dilemma ‘will my fish be ok for a week or two without food’ or ‘if I put a fish food block in their tank will it last’. The answer to the first question, probably yes but do you want to take that risk? The second question, no probably not.

The rate the block releases food is not controllable and likelihood is either your fish will over eat, or they’ll leave the food and your water quality will be affected. The solution, yes there is one and it’s the perfect one is to invest in the Juwel automatic fish feeder.

The Juwel automatic fish feeder is a great solution to your holiday time fish feeding problems. Holding up to sixty feeds it can be programmed to release food twice a day, six hours apart. That’s either thirty days of twice daily feeding or sixty days once daily feeding! Pellets are the best form of food to use in the Juwel automatic feeder. The amount of food dispensed can be adjusted.

Running on two Mignon AA batteries which are included, the Juwel automatic feeder is economical to run as well as extremely efficient. It can be used in any fish tank not just Juwel models. Using the right mounting support it can be fitted particularly simply and quickly. All Juwel tanks are already equipped for the easy assembly of this product.

The Juwel Auto feeder will fit most aquariums with only a small amount of tweaking required. The fitting plate (as i call it, pictured below) needs to be fitted to the hood of your aquarium, to do this you will need to cut away a section of your current aquarium hood large enough to accommodate this new plate. Once fitted it will look like it was always meant to be there. The hinged flap allows you to feed your fish quickly and easily when the auto feeder is not fitted to your tank.


The Feeder

The feeder its self does not need to be attached to your tank on a permanent basis. Once you have installed the fixing plate pictured above, your can quickly and easily add the feeder as and when needed (when your planning to be away from the home).




How It Works

Setting your feeder is really very simple.

  1. Activate the feeder by selecting the ON button. This will activate ONE feed per day, exactly 12 hours after switching it on.
  2. Click the SET button to activate the second feed of the day, which is 6 hours after the first feed.
  3. The M Button allows you to manually feed your fish as and when needed.

The Pros

  • A Fantastic solution to take care of your fish feeding while you are away from the home.
  • Compatible with most if not all aquariums.
  • Can be programmed for up to two feeding cycles per day.
  • Provides up to 60 feeds.

Alternative automatic Fish Feeders

Tetra My Feeder For Automatic Feeding

myfeeder tetra

Tetra My Feeder For Automatic Feeding With Digital Display, 20 Mk, Black
  • Automatic and reliable fish feeding
  • Digital display for simple programming
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Food quantity can be individually adjusted
  • Fill level viewing window

Fish Food Block

If the Juwel automatic feeder is not for you then its good to know there are other options out there. Fish food blocks are a cheaper solution which can be bought from most pet shops and Super markets at a fraction of the cost of mechanical feeders.

The food blocks come in various sizes and shapes but all work in a similar way. The outer shell slowly dissolves in the aquarium water exposing food for your fish to eat. You need to ensure you buy the correct block that will provide enough food for the number of fish in your tank and cover the number of days that you are away.

Fish Sitters

The ideal solution would be to have someone pop in to feed your fish on a daily basis, This not only allows your fish to be fed the correct amount at the times you prefer but also allows them to physically check on the overall health of the tank.

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