February 25, 2020

Fluval Fish Tanks & Aquariums

fluval aquariums

Finding it difficult to find the perfect Fluval Fish Tank or Aquarium for your home? You're not alone

This article doesn't list every Fluval Fish tank available.

Instead we have compiled a list of just 5 Fluval aquariums that we really love and think would make the perfect tank for your home.

Fluval fish tanks are crafted in Germany to an extremely high quality standard. There are seven ranges in the Fluval collection and each of them has its own unique design features. The collections are; the Reef m, the Fresh f, Roma, Chi, Spec, Accent and Edge. Fluval Aquariums blend both style and functionality perfectly and look great in all households.

All the Fluval fish tanks in the Fluval ranges come complete with a Fluval heater, Fluval filter, lighting, a marina thermometer and complete aquarium guide. Matching cabinets are available for most of the collections in oak and black. Many also come with décor strips in oak or white. Fluval fish tanks as standard usually come in black.

In the Fluval collection there are two one off designs only available in one size. These are the Chi and the Accent. The Chi is based around the laws of Feng Shui creating a perfect balance of sight and sound. At only 19 litres it is a good option for those limited with space. The Accent is a 95 litre tank that’s main selling point is that it easy to install, taking under 60 minutes and easy to maintain, just 10 minutes a month.

There are also two small collections with only two size of tank available in each. The Spec pairing are of a contemporary design meant for smaller living spaces and are available in 10 litres and 19 litres. The Edge collection are cube shaped tanks which conceal all equipment and are stylish. They are available in 23 and 46 litre capacities.

Fluval Chi

Inspired by the art of Feng Shui the Fluval Chi is the perfect balance of sight and sound. Feng Shui stimulates the essence of chi and is inspired by the values of life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive. The sound and motion of the bubbling water and the ambient illumination of the Fluval Chi represent this perfectly.

There are 17 powerful LED lights plus a permanent up light providing a gentle glow in this tank. It has a powerful filtration unit which promotes sparkling, healthy water. The cube of this tank is rotatable enabling easy cleaning and replacement of filter pads. It includes filter media.

Fluval Chi Review

The Fluval Chi is an easy to set up tank with the capacity for 6 tropical or 3 cold water fish based on adult fish of 3cm. It is not suitable for marine fish. It's very reasonably priced but it needs to be noted that to make it a tropical tank a heater will need to be purchased. You can pick these up for around £20, we would recommend taking a look at this page to find out more about which heaters are best for smaller fish tanks.

The Fluval Chi is a dainty tank with a capacity of just 19 litres. Measuring only 25.4cm (L) x 25.4cm (W) x 36.5cm (D) which makes it ideal for beginners.

Although these tanks are small, thanks to their unique stylish design they attract the eye and immediately change the mood of any room you place them in. The fluval tanks have been selling great online thanks to the demand in small stylish tanks for busy people who may not have the room required for a more traditional shaped aquarium.

Hagen Fluval Chi Ii Aquarium Set, 19 Litre
  • Unique aquarium design creates perfect balance of sight and sound
  • 17 powerful LED lights plus a permanent up light providing a gentle glow
  • Powerful filtration for sparkling, healthy water
  • 19L glass aquarium with safe, low voltage filtration and lighting cube
  • Frosted aquarium cover

Fluval Edge

The Fluval Edge line of aquariums are unique, cube-shaped aquariums that turn fish-keeping into a breathtaking visual experience. The Edge's simplistic, uncluttered design allows the viewer a clear and unobstructed view inside the aquarium, due to an innovative housing module that conceals all essential equipment. Its compact design is perfect for areas where space may be somewhat limited such as apartments or offices. Better yet, the Edge aquariums come in two different sizes-- 6 gallons and 12 gallons. The Fluvial Edge also offers several different unique and beneficial features as listed below.

Key Features

  • Simple Maintenance
    With the help of an innovative integrated filtration system, this aquarium is incredibly simple to maintain for users. 
  • Easy Assembly
    With no need for tons of tools and gadgets to assemble, this tank is very straightforward and simple to put together.
  • Stunning Lighting
    With a powerful, efficient LED lighting system, the Fluval Edge tanks offer a brilliant and spectacular view into the tank that will delight its viewers.
  • Hidden Filtration
    The Fluval Edge comes equipped with a powerful and efficient 3 stage filter which remains completely hidden from the viewer. This preserves the striking, minimalistic aquarium design. The innovative filtration system features mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for water that is always clear and healthy.

Lighting, Viewing, and Thoughts on Other Features

As discussed previously, the Fluval Edge aquarium includes a stunning and efficient LED lighting system that creates excellent lighting for fish and aquatic plants. The luminous, brilliant aquarium will bring a ray of light to dim areas that desire more visual excitement. A sealed glass top allows excellent aerial viewing from above. An overhead ventilation grill dissipates heat from lighting, preventing moisture and reducing overall maintenance time. A removable cover allows direct access to the aquarium and filter for an easy user experience. The convenient, space-saving features and the compact size allows the aquarium to be enjoyed in places where you may not normally see an aquarium. Overall, the unique, contemporary design is compact enough that it allows the aquarium to fit almost anywhere complementing your home or office design.

Included Parts

  • Aquarium and Base
  • Filter and Filter Material
  • Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner
  • Nutrafin Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement
  • User Guide

Fluval Edge Review

The Fluval Edge offers practical, minimalistic design and functionality in the form of a small, nano tank type aquarium. While some may see the small size as a drawback, it actually is a key strength as it allows you to place the aquarium in almost any location you desire. The two models available in the Fluval Edge line include a 6-gallon aquarium and a 12-gallon aquarium. Both models offer spectacular, stunning LED lighting and a highly reliable filtration system. Since all the key aquarium components are conveniently hidden in the pedestal, it allows for complete, 360 viewing of the tank. Overall, this tank is one of the best and most visually appealing aquariums on the market and it is highly recommended for anyone who's looking to purchase a new model.

Hagen Fluval Edge Led Aquarium, 23 Litre, Black Gloss
  • Stylish Ultra Modern
  • 23L Aquarium
  • comes with LED day and Night Lighting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Excellent kit for beginners and more advanced keepers

Fluval Roma 90Fluval Roma 90

is a rectangular tank with clean and simple design features that bring a sophisticated look to modern home décor. There are four sizes available including the 90 which is a 90 litre tank. The others are the 125, 200 and 240. All numerical titles refer to their respective water litre capacity. Matching cabinets are also available for all the tanks to keep your fishing paraphernalia in.

Measuring 60cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 45cm (D) the Fluval Roma 90 costs around £160 and comes complete with a Fluval U2 internal filter, a Fluval heater, 2 x GLO T8 light tubes, a marina LCD thermometer and a full aquarium care guide which is a welcome edition as most tanks rarely include any sort of documentation and instead rely on a PDF manual that you have to search for on their website.

The tank itself comes in black but does include décor strips so you can change from black to oak or white. The cabinets are only available in a choice of black or oak with rumor of a few lighter colours coming out in the near future to suit more rooms.

The Fluval 90 has a capacity for 30 tropical fish or 15 cold water fish based on 3cm adult fish. Marine fish capacity would be 3 inch per square foot of tank. The suggestion would be that this tank would be a little on the small side for marine fish keeping, however that being said it is possible.

Fluval Roma 90 Review

All in all the Fluval Roma 90 is a mid-range, mid-size fish tank that would be most suited to a slightly experienced fish keeper who is used to maintaining a healthy tank for a variety of species of fish. You will find a lot of useful tips and guides online with any fluval tank thanks to their popularity so buying one and being worried about being left out in the cold is not an issue.

Fluval Roma 125All Fluval fish tanks are crafted in Germany to an extremely high standard with impeccable design features. Available in seven different style with various sizes there is sure to be a tank for everyone. The fluval roma 125 could be considered the starter tank due to its size and price, however that is not to say that this cabinet and tank combination should be overlooked.

The Roma range is available in four sizes, the 90 litre, 125 litre, 200 litre and 400 litre. It is a rectangular tank with clean and simple design suitable for any modern room. All the Roma range come in black as standard but can be changed to white or oak via the décor strips that come with the tank. Matching two door cabinets are also available in black or oak to keep all your equipment such as food, nets, water kits etc.

The Fluval Roma 125 measures 80cm (L) x 35cm (W) x 45cm (D) and costs around £210. It comes complete with a Fluval-U3 internal filter, a Fluval heater, 2 x GLO T8 light tubes, a marina LCD thermometer and a complete aquarium guide.

Having the capacity for around 41 tropical fish or 20 cold water fish the Fluval Roma 125 is suitable for all fish keepers, beginners and pro alike. It is more than likely a little too small to house marine fish but if you choose to the general rule is 3 inch of fish per square foot of tank. This cabinet and fish tank combo can be found in some larger garden center stores in the UK such as dobbies, but if you are looking for the best deal we would recommend checking out our link below and taking a look at cabinets and tanks currently available on eBay.


  • German Engineering
  • High Quality Oak
  • Filter, Heater, Light and Thermometer Included


  • Excellent price
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Full Manual Available Online


  • Not Available on Amazon
  • May Have to Travel to Buy

Fluval Roma 200

is a 200 litre tank measuring 100cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 50cm (D). At around £260 it can hold up to 66 tropical or 33 cold water fish at an adult length of 3cm. Marine fish wise the general rule is 3 inch of fish per square foot of tank. With the large number of fish you can potentially put in this tank it would probably be more suited to someone with at least some fish keeping experience.

The tank comes in a standard black but can be changed to white or oak with the aid of the décor strips it comes with. Matching cabinets are available in black and oak and they will house all your fish keeping equipment. Cabinets are built with features to keep your electrical wires hidden away which gives each fluval aquarium a really clean, sleek look which goes well in any home.

The Fluval Roma 200 runs on a U4 internal filter, a Fluval heater and 2 x GLO T8 light tubes. It also comes complete with a marina LCD thermometer and aquarium guide.

Fluval Roma 200 Review

From a quality and visual point of view the Fluval Roma range are a set of rectangular tanks with clean and simple design. They will bring a sophisticated look to any modern room. Made in Germany and crafted to extremely high standards not only will they look good, they will last an age. Which brings me to another point, you do not have to buy a brand new roma tank, websites such as eBay or your local fish store classified section can be a great place to find a bargain. Since the tanks are built so well, and generally fish tanks dont move around much you can find them in almost perfect condition, especially if they are from a smoke free home.

Fluval Roma 240

designer aquarium that comes with everything you would need to get your fish tank up and running as soon as its delivered. Its a clean, simple looking design that looks great in any modern home or office and comes with handy features such as the filtration system being connected through the tanks base for a less cluttered look.

The tank comes as a standard black but does come with two decor strips that can change it to oak or white. A matching three door cabinet is also available to store all your fish keeping equipment. This however only comes in oak or black.

The 240 litre version of the Roma measures in at 120cm (L) x 40cm (W) x 50cm (D) and comes complete with a Fluval 305 filter system, a Fluval heater, 2 x GLO T8 light tubes, a marina LCD thermometer and a complete aquarium guide. A rather popular choice among fish keepers you can find a great deal of videos on youtube of enthusiastic hobbyists showing off their tanks

Fluval Roma 240 Review

The Fluval Roma 240 is not the cheapest of the fluval fish tanks but it is a good quality, good size option. The tanks water capacity will hold up to 80 tropical fish or 40 cold water fish based on 3cm of adult fish. Marine fish capacity would be 3 inch of fish per square foot of tank. You may run into some difficulty trying to get your hands on this tank online so we would recommend keeping an eye out on websites like eBay or Gumtree for good deals.

The instruction manual can be found online for free here, we also recommend people read any documentation before buying as it can contain important information. For example "Note: this aquarium must be used with the correct Fluval Roma cabinet due to the through-tank filtration system."

Fluval Filters

Fluval FiltersFluval Underwater Filters boasts a three stage filtration system which is ideal for use in fresh water, marine and even reptile tanks. Fluval Filters have been around for some time and many aquarium owners swear by them.

Three Stage filtration:

Stage One: The foam removes large particles.
Stage Two: poly/carbon cartridge removes fine debris, and helps improve water clarity.
Stage Three: BIOMAX provides optimal biological filtration efficiency.

The Fluval Underwater filters have a Flip-Top which allows for quick and easy access together with  an adjustable flow regulator.

Filters can be installed against aquarium walls both vertically or horizontally for shallow aquariums and will create realistic currents.

Overall the Fluval Filters offer easy installation and reliability meaning they are an ideal choice where an external filter is not possible.

The Fluval U1 and U2 are small to medium sized aquarium filters, both have an excellent reputation and user review score. They come with adjustable flow control, top access for easy maintenance and both run quietly. The U1 is designed to filter aquariums up to 55 litres whereas the U2 can handle 110 litres.

The Fluval U3 and U4 are designed for much larger tanks, these filters can handle up to 240 litres. Like their smaller counterparts they are easy to maintain and run surprising quiet for the power they can output. Fluval make changing the filter media extremely easy, you can buy replacement packs relatively cheaply online. You can also choose to have your outflow come from either the top or bottom of your filter which is a welcomed feature.

Fluval have been in the aquarium business for over 35 years and their products have full warranties in the UK, US, Canada and Germany. All their products are easy to use, easy to maintain, durable and convenient. Many large local aquarium stores are official Fluval dealers so when you buy their products you can have peace in mind knowing there is a real business local to you which can help support your new purchase if needed.

There are seFluval External Filterven fluval external filters available in the Fluval range. All are easy to maintain, these are the:

  • 106 canister for up to 100 litre tanks
  • 206 canister for up to 200 litre tanks
  • 306 canister for up to 300 litre tanks
  • 406 canister for up to 400 litre tanks
  • FX6 high performance for up to 1500 litre tanks
  • G6 advanced filtration system for up to 600 litre tanks
  • G3 advanced filtration system for up to 300 litre tanks

All the above filters are designed with better filtration in mind. They require less maintenance than most other filters and are quicker to set up. They have a quieter operation whilst providing the cleanest, healthiest aquariums ever. They also have a user base so finding information online for maintaining your tank is easy and hassle free.

Of a square shape design they have the capacity to hold 35 – 50% more water than round designs allowing a better water flow through a complex cleansing path that maximizes contact with the filtration media.

The G6 and G3 models come with their own hydrotech monitoring system, this stores and communicates real time data. It also will remind you of important jobs such as that it is time to change the media. Both models have a quick release system, three stage filtration and an aquastop valve.

The Fluval FX6 Aquarium Filter replaces the older model FX5 and is capable of pumping 3500 litres of water per hour and has an astounding media capacity. Removable media baskets make for easy replacement of media and it even has the capacity to remove air build up by itself.

All the Fluval external filters are built to fit under most tanks comfortably. If you are looking for an internal filter instead then we would recommend taking a look at our Fluval U range page which contains a list of their interal filtration systems.

Fluval brand not for you? Try the excellent Aqua One Aquarium brand.

Final Thoughts

Fluval fish tanks are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to buy a new aquarium.

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