August 13, 2020

Best Tropical Fish Food In The UK

Welcome to the AquaticsWorld tropical fish food overview. Here we have compiled a list of the best tropical fish food we could find in the UK. Please note this is not a complete list just some of the ones we really liked in 2020.

Hopefully with this information it will make deciding on which tropical fish food to buy easier.

We have also included some answers to frequently asked questions about buying fish food and important information regarding tropical fish food.

Fish Food Overview

  • Each type of fish has its own dietary needs which must be adhered to.
  • There are three main types of fish feed available, dried food, live food and frozen food.
  • Popular species have their own special food designed for them
  • A varied diet is best to ensure a long and happy life

Tropical Fish Food Review

The Best Flake Fish Food

AQUARIAN Complete Nutrition, Aquarium Tropical & Temperate Fish Food Flakes, 50g Container
  • Contains one (1) AQUARIAN Complete Nutrition, Aquarium Tropical & Temperate Fish Food Flakes, 50g Container
  • 100 Percent recyclable pot and lid, made in UK
  • High in vitamins C & E to support a healthy immune system and includes high quality protein sources to support optimal growth
  • Contains no synthetic colours, AQUARIAN only use natural ones
  • Feed up to twice a day the amount of food your fish will consume in five minutes

Aquarian complete nutrition is a great choice for both tropical and cold water fish, its dried fish flakes which your fish will love. High in vitamin C & E which will help suport your fishes immune system and also includes a great protein source to help develop their growth. They have over 1,400 satisfied reviews, and are based in the UK.

The Best Dry Fish Food

Tetra Prima Fish Food Mini Granules , Complete Fish Food for Small Mid-Water and Bottom-Feeding Fish, 100 ml
  • Item display weight: 450 grams Item display volume: 1000 milliliters Age range description: All Life Stages
  • TE137165A
  • Slow-sinking granules
  • ActiveFormula for a healthy immune system
  • Complete food for small mid-water and bottom-feeding fish

Introducing Prima Granules by Tetra. This fish food is designed for mid and bottom feeding fish, the slow-sinking granules are perfect for a natural feeding time. The mini granules are perfect for herbivore and omnivore fish so work really well in a mix tank.  Over 350 great reviews have been made with most noting to take care when opening the fish food as its "packed to the top" which we think is great.

The Best Live Fish Food

Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine Shrimp 20g
  • Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine Shrimp 20g
  • Baby brine shrimp (nauplii of Artemia salina) are widely used in the aquarium hobby as food during the first stages of many delicate fishes and for invertebrates
  • Instant Baby Brine Shrimp, is a revolutionary off the shelf product that allows you to use brine shrimp when and where you need them
  • The product consists entirely of sterile newborn nauplii in an aqueous solution

Baby brine are a favorite for young fish to feed on such as goldfish. Ocean Nutrition Food have a great instant live food product which is easy to use. Simply take a scoop of brine from the jar and add it to your fry or fish tank. The brine are hatched already so there is nothing you need to do. Over 600 people have highly rated this live fish food, a word of advice is to keep it refrigerated at all times.

The Best Frozen Fish Food

BCUK Frozen Fish Food Bloodworm Blister Pack 100g x5
  • BCUK Frozen Fish Food Bloodworm Blister Pack 100g x5
  • Brand : ONMOG
  • Product type: PET FOOD
  • 100 g Pack of 1
  • Frozen Bloodworm Frozen fish food

Frozen bloodworm from a British company called BCUK Aquatics seems to be the most popular choice. This frozen fish food is great for tropical, marine, coldwater, cichlid and discus. Their aquarium food is harvested with great care cleaned then quickly frozen within hours to ensure that the freshness and overall quality is second to none. They also make sure to gamma irradiate the bloodworm to guarantee that they are parasite and pathogen free.

Fish Food Questions

What Is Fish Food Made Of?

Fishmeal and fish oil are the two main materials used in making commercial fish food. They are both perfect for omnivorous and carnivorous fish, if you own a Herbivorous fish then please ensure your food is plant-based.

Fish foods also contain additives which help give ornamental fish bright colours. These include spirulina algae and carotenoids.

For protein sources fish food companies can use a mix of the following, soy, rapeseed, wheat, blood meal, feather flour, but also insect flour, krill and plankton. Some manufacturers produce fish feed without using natural fishmeal but still provide a balanced diet.

What Type of Fish Feed Is There?


The most common type of fish food is the flake variety. It comes in various sizes and compositions and is normally used in small fish tanks.


A type of dry fish feed that will not dissolve easily like the flakes. Granules come in different variations such as sticks or cubes. They sink slowly to the bottom of your tank for a more natural feeding time.

Live Food

Small organisms such as brine which are eaten as they would be in the wild by your fish. If you find your fish is rather picky then they may prefer being fed live food.

Frozen Food

Usually come in small cubes, they are a mixture of live fish and vegetable matter crushed up and frozen into cubes.

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