March 29, 2018

8 Unique Aquarium Design Ideas Sure to Get Attention

One of the reasons that over a million households own fish is because a great aquarium design is a fun way to beautify your home space.

If you really want to make a statement to visitors, invite them into your home with a unique aqua one fish tank waiting for them in your living room. Choosing a creative aquarium design is a low-cost way to add some color to an otherwise toned-down space.

Owning a fish tank can help kids to learn some responsibility for pet ownership and household maintenance. It's also a great addition to a home for someone who likes a cozy space but travels often. Aquarium pets usually are far less needy than furry or feathered friends.

Consider incorporating design thinking principles into your aquarium setup, focusing on user experience for both the aquatic life and the observer. By empathizing with the needs of your fish, plants, and yourself, you can create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing aquatic environment that goes beyond mere decoration.

Here are eight of the unique designs to consider.

1. A Headboard Aquarium

Lots of people own aquariums because they're relaxing to watch and bring a lot of peace to their homes. Watching fish can help people who have trouble sleeping and so a headboard that contained hundreds of gallons of water, and colorful fish could definitely do the trick.

2. A Mason Jar

A big chunky mason jar is the perfect amount of space for one small fish and its limited memory span.

Mount a screwtop to the bottom of a shelf with a hole that goes through the shelf and the screwtop. Use it as a vase or just use the hole for feeding your fish. Change their water every week to keep your little fish healthy and happy.

If the space is too small for your fish, use the jars as vases and have a pretty living bookshelf.

3. Aquarium Table

It's common to see a modern table with a glass top. With a cool enough eye-catching base, it can be admired from any angle and brings the feeling of high-end design to any room.

If the base can be made of a glass case, you could create a lovely aquarium in the base. Decorate it thoughtfully and light it cleverly and you'll have the most interesting table in town.

4. A TV Aquarium

Watching an aquarium can be more interesting than watching a show on Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel. Having a cool aquarium design with great landscaping can let your mind wander as you watch your fish on an epic adventure.

Retro designs and repurposed hardware are really in right now. Combine these ideas with your love of an aquarium, and you could end up with something really cool.

If you can find an old TV to hollow out and an aquarium that can fit inside the body, you could create a super unique design. You'll end up with something much more interesting than a 60" flat screen.

5. A Cool Tubular Design

If you've got the chops for building and design, you could create a series of tubes to watch your fish swim around your home. A pipeline fish tank with clear pipes allows your fish to get plenty of light and go on wild adventures.

Connect a couple of aquariums and watch them go from one to the other at feeding time. It's like having a new aquarium design every day, as your pets explore the expansive space.

6. Bathtub Aquarium

Do you love to go swimming in the ocean and the feeling of being beside the interesting and colorful life in the water? How about a bathtub where one wall is made of an aquarium?

Watching the wildlife swim around while you bathe is a great way to have some relaxing entertainment while taking a bath. It could make it all the easier to unplug from your day to day life and put down your phone when you've got fun fish drama to watch unfold.

7. A Planter With Fish

If you're looking for an excuse to add some green to your space, pick up some water-loving plants and an interesting looking planter. Find a small fish the appropriate size for the planter and let the two coexist.

They can not only look nice together but complement one another ecologically. There are a number of cheap and common aquatic plants good for fish. They'll clean the water while growing on top, never interrupting the flow of your busy fish's daily life.

8. A Space Divider

You've seen them in restaurants and homes for years. There are lots of big aquarium design concepts that fit an aquarium into a wall to divide the space. But what if the whole divider is an aquarium?

Whether you're in an office or a retail environment, a clever divider built from a series of aquariums could allow a small space to seem breathable while adding division where it's needed. A fish tank can give your employees something to focus on other than work when their eyes and their minds need a break.

This small change can make people learn to love their office again. Drop ceilings, concrete walls, and glass don't feel very welcoming after awhile. A well-placed or cleverly designed aquarium could change your "open office" plan into something a little more ordered and fun.

Let employees order landscape elements from a catalog to personalize their space a little bit.

A Great Aquarium Design Can Change A Space

If you design an attractive aquarium or get an aquarium that's already clever looking, your home could look brand new with this one addition. Find fish to complement the color of your overall design, and you could really make your space pop. Since fish are fairly inexpensive, they could end up being the most rewarding home investment you make.

If you're looking for ideas for aquariums that look good in your space, contact us today for expert help.

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